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How to Sanction

To qualify for sanctioning, producers/show management must abide by the following:

  •  Follow the MEOA rulebook and have an MEOA approved judge.

  • A $30 sanctioning fee can be purchased through the shop.

  • The MEOA logo must be present on the showbill. 

  • Course map and description must be sent in for approval to MEOA Director and the shows judge minimum of 7 days prior to event.

  • Results must be sent within 7 days of show to

MEOA Approved Judges

Natalie Chapman         Pine City, MN          612-554-9107

Lynn Ellen St. Martin  Rogers, MN              262-758-2224

Lois Greiman                   Spring Valley, WI   612-719-7786

Amber Mielke                 Little Falls, MN       320-360-0258

Sharon Shubert              Kimball, MN             320-267-7213

If you're interested in becoming an MEOA judge, send an email to

Dear Judges, we would like to invite you to our upcoming Spring Judges Workshop. This is a great opportunity to learn more about our organization and how you can contribute to our mission. We also welcome our members to join us in this event. Keep an eye out for details and we hope to see you there!

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