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About Us

Welcome to Midwest Extreme Obstacle Association

Midwest Extreme Obstacle Association is an open horse show that aims to promote horsemanship through timed obstacle challenges. Our association provides a platform for horse enthusiasts to showcase their skills and build a strong community. With a focus on safety and sportsmanship, we offer a variety of challenging courses that test both horse and rider. Join us for an exciting and thrilling experience that will push your limits and strengthen your bond with your equine partner.

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Midwest Extreme Obstacle Association is an open horse show focusing on horsemanship through timed obstacle challenges. Membership is not required to compete in MEOA sanctioned events. Membership is required to qualify for MEOA year end points. ​


Courses are timed, so speed is a part of the scoring, however scoring is weighted more towards horsemanship. Points are earned for each individual obstacle, horsemanship, and tack, then times are factored into scores in a bracket system. See the MEOA Rule Book for more details. ​


MEOA encourages riders and horses of all skill levels and discipline to compete. 

Mission Statement​

MEOA strives to provide a safe and fun environment for participants to enjoy their horse, exhibit excellent sportsmanship, and enrich member’s experiences with their horse. We encouraging members of all levels and abilities to strive for improvement and excellence.

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